Dark Days


Imperial Stout | ABV: Varies by release

As dark as the name implies, Dark Days is one formidable Imperial Stout. This beer is so dark, that not even light can escape its cold, frothy embrace. And it’s probably the reason why so many people are caught off guard by how smooth and velvety it is. So it’s no surprise that it has the uncanny ability to turn even the most devout light beer drinker to the dark side. Since we believe that it’s not enough to just brew the stuff, we age it in barrels until it reaches the maxim of decadence and smoothness.

– February 2013 Release: Aged 10 months in bourbon barrels. ABV 11.0%

– November 2014 Release: Aged 18 months in Caribbean rum barrels. ABV 14.3%
Available in limited bottle release on November 1, 2014. 375ml bottles; $14.00 + tax & CRV