Charitable Events

Iron Fist Brewing Company is dedicated to supporting the local community as well as making great beer. We receive a large number of requests and unfortunately, as much as we’d like to, we cannot support every event.
• Please note, due to company policy, we only consider non-profit 501(c)3 and/or 501(c)6 organizations for beer donations.
• Please fill out this web form to help us determine whether your event is compatible with our beer donation policies and state law.
• Please submit your request no later than 8 weeks before the day of your event.
• You will receive a response within 2 weeks of your request.

Are you a tax-exempt 501(c)3 or 501(c)6 organization?

YES Please provide us with your information below.
NO We’re sorry, but by law we cannot make donations of alcoholic beverages to private parties and/or non tax-exempt organizations.

Please provide us with your tax ID number:

Is your event being held in San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, or San Bernardino County?

NO: Unfortunately, we will not be able to donate beer for your event since the location is outside of our distribution area. However, we do suggest you contact your local craft brewer and see if they would like to assist you in your efforts.

Are you requesting a donation for an auction/raffle item or a donation of beer to be served?
Beer To be ServedRaffle/Auction Item
We can not legally donate beer for auctions or raffles. However, if you continue to the bottom of the form and provide your contact/event information we may be able to offer another option.

Do you have or plan to obtain an ABC special daily license in the name of the non-profit the event is benefiting?
YESNO (This is required by ABC law.)

View license criteria here:
Application form:

Will you have volunteers pouring beer at your event?
YESNO (Sorry, we are not allowed by law to serve our own beer at special events.)

Do you have a jockey box or other means of tapping your keg(s) for your event?
We have a very limited number of jockey boxes available and can’t guarantee one for your event. They are released on a first come, first served basis.

Will you be providing cups and ice for your event? We will be unable to provide them for you.
I agree to provide ice and cups for this event.

Will our beer be sold or dispensed for free?

Will other beverages be served?

If YES, please list other beverages:

Will Iron Fist Brewing Co. be mentioned in any marketing materials?

If YES, our logo and other materials can be found here.

What size servings will you be pouring?

(e.g. - 4 oz tasters, 12 oz cups)

Please list food that will be available to your guests.:

Your Name

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Address (Please include City, State, and Zip)

Date of Event

Start and end times of event

Event Location

Please tell us about your event.
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How many attendees are you expecting?

Audience description. (Age ranges, gender, interests, etc.)
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