Giving Back While Having Fun!

Giving Back While Having Fun


Drinking establishments are wildly popular hangouts because they’re great places to leave the day’s stresses behind and meet and connect with some of our favorite people. In fact, a new study shows a little time at our favorite brewery, pub, or bar can actually boost our wellbeing. Because they serve as vital gathering places, drinking establishments are essential parts of our community and they also make possible other ways for their patrons to give back. If you like the idea of mixing charity with your eating, drinking, and merrymaking, here are a few ideas for how you might partner with your favorite local brewery or pub to give back to your community.

Organize a Pub or Bar Crawl

Coordinate a bar or pub crawl with proceeds going to a local charity. To do this, you’ll need the cooperation of several local bar and nightspot owners. Ask participating drinking establishments to donate a portion of the night’s proceeds to a worthy cause, and be sure to promote the event’s charitable goals in all advertising to attract attention.

Sell Custom T-Shirts for Charity

If you’re planning a bar crawl or other event, you can get custom printed t-shirts for attendees and donate the proceeds to a local charity organization or cause. Of course, if you’re planning to offer them for sale at a drinking establishment or other venue, you’ll need permission from the owner before setting up shop in someone else’s place of business.

Organize a Charity Run

You don’t have to look hard to find marathons, half-marathons, and the like happening in major cities across the U.S. Participating in a run that benefits a charitable cause you care about is one way to give back, but traveling to the nearest big city isn’t always convenient. So, if you’re in a rural area and there aren’t any runs or similar activities planned that you can join in on, organize your own. Then, ask a local drinking establishment if they’d be willing to host the after party. Setting up a charity run is easier than you might think, and local authorities are often open to the use of public areas for events that give back to the community.

Host a Fair or Festival to Benefit a Local Non-Profit

There are many non-profit organizations in just about every area. Whether you’re already involved with a particular organization as a volunteer or employee, you won’t be hard-pressed to find a worthwhile organization to support. From hosting a party at a bar or restaurant to benefit a certain cause to holding a fair or festival on the grounds of a non-profit organization, there are plenty of ways to plan festivities that provide fun and entertainment for the community while also giving back.

Think about the audience you’re hoping to attract and the goals of the charity you’re hoping to support. For instance, a bar crawl is obviously not kid-friendly, but a mini-festival with games and delicious treats is suitable for the younger set. And with charitable goals in mind, you’ll have an easier time generating support and interest in just about any event.

Author: Henry Moore